Slope formula for Graphing

Previously we have discussed about adding scientific notation calculator and In today’s session we are going to discuss about While doing graphing of any linear equation, two terms are required and these terms are slope of the line and intercepts. X and Y intercepts are determined first to find the co-ordinates of the line in respect of both the Cartesian axis of 2D plane or we can say intercepts are required to know the point at which the line intersects or crosses the graph and for finding the slope of the line we use slope formula. But to implement slope formula, endpoints of the line are required as input.

So let us discuss first how to find end points or Co-ordinates of the Cartesian axises. For finding x and y intercepts, we follow a simple principle which states that all the points of y axis are zero in the equation for X- intercepts and similarly all the x points are zero in equation for Y intercepts. (want to Learn more about Slope, click here),

To explain it more we use an example here:

Given equation is

9x2+ 9y2= 3 ( equation is already in the form of standard linear equation)

for x -intercept—->

put y= 0 in equation

9x2= 3

x2= 3/ 9

x2= 1/3

x= +(1/√3) or -(1/√3)

so (x1, x2) = (1/√3, -√1/√3)
Now for y – intercepts —->

put x= 0 in equation

9y2= 3

y2= 3/9 = 1/3

y = +(1/√3) or -√(1/√3)

so (y1, y2) = (1/√3, -1/√3)

now from x and y intercepts we got the endpoints of the line. Now we can implement slope formula, which is as:

M= ( y2- y1)/ ( x2– x1)

here ‘M’ denotes the slope of the line.

M= ((-1/√3) – ( 1/√3))/ ((-1/√3) – ( 1/√3))

M = 1

so that’s how we calculate all the required terms to graph any equation.

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