Use Slope Formula for Calculating Slope of Line

Previously we have discussed about area of an ellipse calculator and Today, we are going to learn few important and interesting topics of mathematics. Let’s start with slope of line; in mathematics the slope of line describes its steepness, incline, or grade. “The slope is the measurement of the line, and it is defined as the ratio of the ‘rise’ divided by the ‘run’ between two points on a line. If there are two points are given (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) then the slope of the line is:

m = y2 – y1 / x2 – x1

Through differential calculus, one can easily calculate the slope of the tangent line to a curve at a point.

The slope of a line in the plan having x and y axes is generally represented by the ‘m’, and it defined as the change in the y coordinates divided by the change in x coordinates between two point on the line. (Know more about Slope in broad manner, here,)

m = Ã¢ÂˆÂ†y / Ã¢ÂˆÂ†x,

m = rise / run.

For example a line runs through two points P (2, 6) and Q (8, 9),

On substituting these values in slope formula we get,

m = 8 – 2 /9 – 6.

m   = 6 / 3,

m = 2.

In this way we calculate the slope of line using slope formula.

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