Standard Equation of a Line

Previously we have discussed about x intercept calculator and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Standard Equation of a Line, Equations are the important part of mathematics, or we can say that they are the heart of mathematics. Equation can be defined as mathematical statements that are connected with equal to sign. Now, let’s talk about the topic i. e. Standard equation of line.

We deal with many equations like: – linear equations, polynomial equations etc. In this session we will discuss about Standard Equation of a Line that is a linear equation. Many types of linear equations exist; like:- linear equation in two variables, linear equation in graphically form, linear equation in two step etc. Here we will only talk about Standard Equation of a Line. Linear equation is a statement of equality which contains one or more unknown quantities or variables. In mathematics session if p and q are two real numbers such that y!0 then, we have learnt that an equation of the standard form p y + q z = 0 is called linear equation in one line. Where p and q are both are integers and y, z are variables. There are many types of properties of linear equation like: – addition, subtraction and multiplication etc.

We take some addition, subtraction examples to simplify equation of a line in standard form.

Example 1:- verify that x=2 is a root of the equation 5x-12 = -2

Solution: – substituting x=2 in the given equation, we get L.H.S =5*2-12 =10-12 = -2 =R.H.S

(x=2 is a solution of the equation 5x-12=-2).

Example 2:-solving equation a=2x+3 to solving equation of a line in standard form. Where x= 2.

Solution :- step 1:- a=2(2)+3

Step 2:- a =4+3

Step 3:- a=7

Example 2:- verify the equation of a line a = -2x+5 in standard form where x= 2.

Solution: – step 1 :- a =(-2*2) + 5 (we can add 2x are both side .2x+a=5 )

Step 2:- a=(-4) + 5

Step 3:- a= 1

Hence, a= 1 is a solution of the given system.

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