Slope as a Derivative

In the previous post we have discussed about online algebra calculator and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Slope as a Derivative, A line is defined by an equation as y = m x + c. Here in the given equation y is the point on the y – axis as well as x is the point on the x – axis and m is defined as a slope of the line or sometimes it is called as a tangent of the line. A tangent or slope of line occurs in the case when line is inclined at some angle and c is the intercept of the line that cuts the y – axis. In the line Equation we can define the slope as a Derivative. It means that slope of a line is described as a derivative of a function that is declared for a line like if a function of a line is defined as y = f ( x ) at a point x = a then the derivative of the given function is denoted as f ‘ ( a ) that is described as the slope of a tangent of the graph that has y = f ( x ). By selecting the point on the graph a user can easily plot the graph for derivative slope . If you want to get information about cbse model question papers for class 9 , you can Refer this,

When a function f will be differentiated at the point x0 when the line is look as straight sometime it is called as tangent that is approximately near to the point x0 . The derivative of the slope of line at point x0 is denoted as f ‘( x0 ) or d f ( x 0 ) / d x .

f ‘( x0 ) = lim x→x0 f ( x ) – f ( x0 ) / x – x0

In the above expression f ( x ) – f ( x0 ) = Δ f and x – xo = Δ x

then the equation is look as f ‘( x0 ) = lim x→x0 Δ f / Δ x .

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