linear equations calculator

In the previous post we have discussed about algebra calculator online and To understand about the linear equations calculator, which is the part of 7th grade math, we need to first understand how to get the solution of the linear equation. There exist a variable in the linear equation and to find the value of the given variable is called solving the linear equation.  For this we simply need to separate the constant and the variables in the given linear equation so that the value of the variable is calculated.  If we have a equation, which contains the variables and the constants on both sides of the equation, we will take the steps such that the all the terms containing the variables appears on the left side of the equation and the constants appear on the right side of the equation.

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Let us make it more clearly with the help of the following example:

2x + 6 = 8x + 4

We will try to move all the variables on the one side of the equation and the constants on the other side of the equation. For this we will first subtract 2x from both sides of the equation and get :

2x + 6 – 2x  = 8x + 4 -2x

We get :

6 = 8x – 2x + 4

6 = 6x + 4

Now we will subtract 4 from both sides of the equation to get :

6 – 4 = 6x + 4 – 4

Or  we get :

2 = 6x

Now we divide both sides of the equation by 6 and get :

2 / 6 = 6x / 6

1/3 = x

Thus we get the solution to the given equation.  If we put the value of x in the equation, lhs = rhs

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