slope worksheet

In the previous post we have discussed about linear equations calculator and In today’s session we are going to discuss about slope worksheet, A slope describes the steepness, inclination of a line. In simple terms slope is defined as the ratio of rise when divided by the run between two points on the line. The slope worksheet help in finding the points of a line which in the plane consisting of the x and y axes which is represented by the letter ‘m’ and is defined as the change in y coordinate by the change in x coordinate between the two distinct point on the line. We can also write it as

∆y      rise

m =  —— = ——– .

∆x        run

here the symbol Ã¢ÂˆÂ† (pronounced as delta) is used which means the change or the difference.

If the two points are given suppose (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) then the change in x from one to the another will be considered i.e. x2 – x(run) whereas the change in y will be y– y(rise) now the new formula takes place will be

y– y1

m = ———-

x2 – x1

these formula will not work in the case of vertical line.

To understand this in the more precise manner we will take one example:

suppose a line runs through two points : s = (2,1) and t(13,6) now as stated in the above formula we will follow the following steps.

∆y        y– y1

m = —— = ———–

∆x        x2 – x1

6 – 2

= ——– (substitute the value in the formula)

13 – 1

= 4/12 (calculation takes place)

= 1/3

you can even find the information related to the box and whisker plots which contains the information related to its graphs and all the necessary things which is related to this. You can even visit the Indian educational portals to get the information related to the board activities such as Andhra secondary education board.

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