How to find Sphere Volume

A sphere is a round type of shape in three dimensions, it looks like a circle but it is very different from circle, like circle it also has radius and diameter. If we write the equation for circle then it would be x2 + y2 =a2. Here a is the radius of circle, as circle is a two dimensional shape so we have taken x and y and when we talk about sphere as we know well now that sphere is a three dimensional body so it will have three parameters x, y and z, so if we are asked to write the equation then it will be x2 + y2 +z2 =a2. Now as our topic is sphere volume for finding that we need to have good knowledge of radius of sphere, the formula for the radius of circle is given below,

V = 4/3π r3

Here π  is a constant whose  value will be 22/7 and 4/3 is also a constant , if we see here then volume of the sphere is totally depend on radius as the radius increases volume will increase and as the radius decreases  it will decrease. If we see a problem in which we are asked to calculate the volume of a sphere and radius is given as seven so we can calculate the volume as

V = 4/3πr3

V = 4/3 *22/7 *7*7

Seven will cancel out with seven and we remain with

V = 4/3 *22*49

V = 1437.33

We can also derive one more formula if we will calculate the value of 4/3π, so the value of this will be 4.19 so new formula for the volume will be 4.19 r3. We can also calculate the volume by this formula as well

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