How to Solve Equations

In this blog we define some of the method and rules that are used for describe How to Solve Equations. Equations are explain as an expression that have an equal sign and both side of equal sign have some variable and constant values. Variables are shown as the unknown values and constant are describe as the values that can not be changed. There are different kind of equation in mathematics like linear equation in which variable have the exponent equal to one means there is no power of variables. It explain as x + 24 = 4 – 3 x.

When we talk about the quadratic equation ,in this variable have the exponent value equal to 2, that is define as a x 2 + x + c = 0.

So for solving the equation we explain some of the rules that are define below:

whenever solve an equation first of all define the type of equation . After it shift all the constant values at one side and all the variables at one side. At the time of shifting values their sign are changed means plus sign changed into the negative sign and vice versa.(want to Learn more about Equations, click here),

We can explain it by an example as if there is an equation 2 a – 6 = 3 – a, shift the constant at one side and variables at one side as 2 a + a = 3 + 6

3 a = 9

a = 9 / 3 = 3.

How to simplify expressions have different ways of solving the complex expressions into the more understandable form that helps students in solving these problems.

Previous years cbse board question papers provide to the students by the cbse board that support them to identify the pattern of question papers in the exam and help them in securing the good marks.

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