Define Intersecting Lines

Any two lines, when drawn on the plane are said to be Intersecting Lines when we find that the two lines meet each other at only one point. This point at which the two lines meet is called the point of intersection of the two lines.

If we are given the two linear equations to represent the two lines and we need to find the point of intersection of the two lines, we mean that  we need to find the solution for the intersection of the two lines. It can be done algebraically as well as by the graphical representation. By the method of graphical representation, we will draw the graph of the two lines on the graph paper by simply plotting the points and then we will observe the point which is common for both the equations. The coordinates which are common for both the equations is called the point of intersection of the two equations. (know more about Line , here)

In case we observe that the two given lines do not have any point of intersection, then we simply conclude that the two lines are parallel. In case the two lines have more than one intersecting point, then we observe that the lines have infinite points of intersection and thus we say that the two lines are overlapping. We can also say that the two equations are representing the same lines. While Finding The Area Of A Triangle, we can take the help of online math tutor, which can guide and support you any time free of cost. What all we need is the computer and the internet connection. To learn more about the area of the triangle, we can take the help of  Central Board Of Secondary Education Books, which has ample of examples and exercised on each and every topic. 

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